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IPO at Siam Crown

Videos of our IPO trials and Practice



Stefan Schmidt and Melvin Kikkert train to be IPO helpers with some of our IPO 2 and IPO 3 dogs. Special Appearance by 12 year old Hekse Beppie v.d. Vroomshoeve IPO 3 fin
Held September 12, 2010. Organized by German Working Dog Club, under the auspices of Kennel Club of Thailand. First Place IPO 3: Criket van het Berkenmeer-Siam Crown Kennel. Second Place IPO 3: Cartouche van Beukenhage-Siam Crown Kennel Third Place IPO 3: Bondy Tufra-Siam Crown Kennel Fourth Place IPO 3: Nitro v.d. Vastenow-Siam Crown Kennel First Place IPO 1: Beta of Siam Crown-Siam Crown Kennel First Place IPO 3 protection only: Hekse-Beppie v.d. Vroomshoeve (age 11.5 years old)-Siam Crown Kennel First Place IPO 3 obedience only: Arco-Poompitak Pensrinukun
Siam Crown Kennel presents An overview of training for IPO Tracking. We have found there is limited video material available on IPO tracking and many people are unsure how to start training. We hope this overview will help to either get you started or to apply a few techniques we have found useful in our own training program. Thanks for watching.
Some clips of "Carlo" in action at his IPO 2 and IPO 3 trials in December 2010. Carlo is also titled KNPV PH 1 met lof, Speurhond, and SchH Tracking.
The second and final part of our IPO Title trial obedience phases.
The first part of our obedience trials within the December 16-20 IPO Title Trials at Siam Crown.
IPO Title Trial Siam Crown, Samphran, Thailand 16-20 December 2010 Protection phase
We continue to fine tune our obedience work with Nico van Fort de Hel in preparation for the 2011 FCI IPO World Championships. We have come a long way with Nico, and we still have a some more work to do. Handler/Trainer Bert Kikkert Siam Crown Kennel
Practice session for IPO Protection Training prior to December Title trial.
Holland Jena van Le Dobry getting ready for IPO 1 and 2 title trials.
Beta of Siam Crown IPO 3 and "The Pink Handler" Beta just passed his IPO 3 title, and the Pink Handler missed her little boy.
Training IPO protection with some of our young dogs. June 11, 2011
Our First 3 cam Video. Head Cam on Decoy, Back Cam on Dog, Panning Cam. Cartouche van Beukenhage IPO 3 fin demonstrates protection exercises from a whole new perspective.
The first appearance of the mysterious Super Dog at Siam Crown. He arrives just in time to stop the Evil Richard from taking over.
Non stop action when Paul Roy rolls into town. Starring Paul Roy Richard Bermejo Uthen Nathanrom and the dogs of Siam Crown