Further observations on training Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

Further observations on training Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

A Sample Approach to Training with Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

Breaking Down Exercises to their component parts

Initial Reflections and Observations on Training Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

This is an initial summary of our experience and observations in training with Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. It is based on a relatively short period of 18 months.

Anthromorphism- A mistake in the making

The term Anthromorphism may not be a common term to many people, the mistake often is. Please read on.

Thoughts on Issues and Approaches to Breeding

Some Thoughts on Philosophy and Practical Issues of Breeding

Some Information on the Origins of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

We have posted this to give some background on the origins of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, a recent and very interesting breed.

Some thoughts about how to choose the right working dog for you.

We hope this article will help you reflect on a variety of criteria that we find useful in choosing a working dog.

An Overview of the Differences between KNPV and IPO

There are many people who ask us about the differences between KNPV and IPO. This article is intended to give a general overview and answer some common questions.

KNPV background and description of exercises

A background summary of the KNPV, its exercises and scoring. There are few articles in English, we hope this will shed some light

on an amazing aspect of dogs sports.

Siam Crown Diet for Dogs

We are often asked what we feed our dogs.