Dear Mike,

I am writing this email to you so that you can use this as your "customer testimonial" because I feel that it is the least that I can do for you to thank you for your honesty and your understanding of how important it is for a handler to have the right puppy that fits his/her preference. After the disappointing experience that we have gone through in dealing with a dishonest breeder in Belgium last year, we now know how it feels to be cheated and lied to when purchasing a puppy.

Although we have several years of experience in working dogs we are very new to Malinois, so it was fortunate for us to have met you since you are one of the few breeders who carefully test the nerves, character and temperament of each puppy and ACTUALLY TELL THE TRUTH about how each of them performed. 

After talking to Siam Crown Kennel, we learned much more about Malinois then we had try to research from other breeder since Khun Mike have had German Shepherds and other dogs prior to breeding Malinois, Khun Mike can compare and explain the difference down to the smallest details.

We decided to take Malinois puppy from Siam Crown Kennel and so far he has shown every quality that we want in a working puppy. This time, we have to say that this is the puppy that we've always wanted.

For those of you who are thinking about buying a Malinois for the first time, this breed has great dogs which can excel in any tasks given to them. 

Anyone wants to hear from me in person, my contact information is in the below link.

Victor Indarakris
email: :

Malinois an Excellent All-Around Breed

I was recently introduced to the Malinois during a visit to your kennel. I was so impressed with the all-around excellence of the breed that I brought one of your puppies back with me to the United States. I find her easy to train and eager to learn, and she interacts wonderfully with every dog and person she meets.

Andy Chatman, Rochester N.Y.

Dear Bert and Mike,

I just want to let you know that Leika is doing fine. She really is a great family pet, and develops a good guarding instinct.

In short we are really happy with her. I will sent you a few more photo's in a couple of months. I think (and many agree with me) she is a beauty.

Kind regards,
Ric Louwers

Flory von Lortzingweg with the Stempihar family in Logatec, Slovenia


I would like to thank you all very much, 'Donna' is fantastic. Your hard work and time is much appreciated. I will keep you updated step by step for her future.




Mambo is adjusting quick like he did not travel at all.. :D he is even looking for a pool to swim in :D