We had a breeding between Hope of Siam Crown and Perseus of Siam Crown

We had a breeding of Hope of Siam Crown x Perseus of Siam Crown. (Malinois).

Puppies are expected in early December 2016. Contact us for more details.

Our Dutch Shepherd litter from Bjorka and Arras was born on 26 Feb 2013

We are pleased to announce that our litter from Bjorka v.d. Pioniershof PH 1 and Arras v. Treekzicht PH 2 was born this morning. 4 males and 3 females. Mother and pups are doing great.

Demi v.d. Wolfsklauw has gone into service with the Hong Kong Police

Demi v.d. Wolfsklauw IPO 1C, has gone into service with the Hong Kong Police Department.

Our congratulations to the Hong Kong Police on their new addition.

Demi is from our Bjorka v.d. Pioniershof KNPV PH 1 and Dark van Treekzicht KNPV PH 1

Check out our new video on Clicker Training

Our resident expert Fabia gives an excellent description and some examples of clicker training

Click here for video

The French Television show Guardian Angel shot several episodes at Siam Crown

Jean Claude Van Damme is the Guardian Angel for several young French Actors tasked with a variety of adventures

The Siam Crown team won the Thai Schutzhund/IPO National Championships

The Siam Crown gang took first through fourth place in IPO 3, first place in IPO 1 and first place in the separate category of IPO 3 protection.

Siam Crown was proud to train and graduate the first ever group of Thai Security Dog handlers

Six Security Dog handlers and four security dogs were trained at Siam Crown for a Thai based client.

IPO Tracking Video

We have posted a video for training and tracking in IPO, we hope you enjoy it.

Siam Crown IPO Tracking Video


Mia Skogster gave an outstanding seminar on IPO Obedience and Protection

Siam Crown was pleased to host a seminar conducted by Mia Skogster on January 23rd and 24th, 2010. The seminar which was well attended and extremely interesting covered IPO Obedience and Protection. We thank both Mia and Jan Skogster for a great two days.

Videos posted in Gallery for 2009 FCI World Championships.

Competition ended for the 2009 FCI World Championships in Schwanenstadt Austria today. The Thai Team had a great time, and gained a lot of valuable experience as well as many new friends. 

Michael Lee turned in an outstanding performance with Criket van het Berkenmeer from Siam Crown with a score of 267.